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5 Shades of Blue for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you restyling your kitchen this year? Looking for the right kitchen cabinet color that’d complement the walls and other elements around your house?

You know what they say? The dazzling color blue has the power to bring in serenity and calmness.

Now you might wonder why we are stressing about the color blue.

Well, according to The American Institute of Stress, about 33% report feeling highly stressed. About 77% and 73% of people experience stress, affecting their physical and mental health, respectively.

The color blue is the color of relaxation. This is a longtime favorite for living spaces and now has made its way into the kitchen. There’s a good reason why blue is a gentle color that helps calm a busy mind.

Experts say, and so do studies, that blue has the power to relieve stress. Installing blue cabinetry like a navy blue kitchen cabinet, glossy blue, or blue sage will immerse you in its comfort, wonder, and immense calmness.

That being said, let us help you remodel your kitchen in style. Our experienced professionals recommend opting for any one (or more) blue kitchen cabinets.

Best Blue Hues for Your Kitchen Cabinet

Hues ranging from navy blue kitchen cabinets to dusty blue, we have it all covered here. Whether you prefer a sleek modern cool look or a cozy cottage feel, or maybe something in between, here’s what you can do:

1. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are a timeless classic that goes very well with most finishes and countertops. If you are planning on installing a countertop too, then go for white kitchen cabinets at the top and navy blue cabinets at the bottom.

Homeowners can pair navy blue cabinets with marble or quartz countertops. This is one of the best and most popular ways to use navy blue kitchen cabinets.

Further, pairing navy blue and brass will give you a chic look. You can bring brass through pulls and knobs, lighting, and other fixtures if you want a high-end look.

If you are perplexed regarding the backsplash, just go with off-white, white, or creamy backsplashes because this color coordinates quite well.

2. Glossy Cobalt Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The second option in the list is to go for glossy cobalt blue kitchen cabinets if you are looking to maximize your kitchen space. These glossy cabinets have a shiny finish that appears light and contemporary. Homeowners can use metallic handles and appliances for elegance. Further, you can install a white island and white pendant to complement the glossy cobalt color.

3. Misty Blue Kitchen Cabinet

This soft pale greenish-blue color is a stunning neutral in the cooking space. Misty blue kitchen cabinets bring harmony and light to the room.

If your kitchen space is dark, then blue mist is a smart choice. It is pale, reflective, and a great alternative to white.

This cool blue hue goes well with gray, white, or any shade of wood. Opting for steel fixtures and kitchen accessories will also bring elegance.

4. Blue Sage Satin Kitchen Cabinet

Liven up your kitchen with blue sage satin kitchen cabinets. The color blue sage is light blue with an undertone of heavy gray. The light source of your kitchen determines how it might appear (probably the color of your faded blue jeans).

The satin finish of these cabinets has a marvelous luster, appearing velvety. These cabinets are less lustrous than glossy ones but look both flat and a little glossy, again, depending on the room’s lighting. Also, satin cabinets are highly durable and reflective.

5. Aqua Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Make your kitchen smile with aqua blue kitchen cabinets. Nostalgic, soothing, delicate, and calming, the aqua blue color is undoubtedly a popular choice for several reasons. The sunny undertone makes it a great counterpart for the color white and warm wood found in kitchens.

Try utilizing these cabinets as a focal point in the kitchen because it’s not an overwhelming tone. The seamless palette of aqua, from white and gray to yellow and pale, makes up the whole mood. For hardware and other fixtures, try brass, chrome, or copper.

Color Blue is Here to Stay

The wide range of blue shades offers a wealth of styling options. When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to consider various elements around to make the best choice. Blue kitchen cabinets, listed in this article, reflect the kitchen’s overall style.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets or misty blue, blue cabinets are classy, timeless, and long-lasting. To bring style into the space, choose brass or stainless steel appliances and accessories.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re trying a new recipe on a Sunday or reheating your food after a long day, one thing is important and that is — your kitchen space should help you unwind and relax. And while your organizing skills in your kitchen are noteworthy, the colors inside the kitchen make a huge difference.

Installing blue kitchen cabinets can make your interior feel completely serene!

You cannot disagree with this– there’s a reason why the blue jeans you’re wearing right now are the most versatile item in your wardrobe.

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