25 May

5 Latest Styles in Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

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A kitchen is no more just any other part of a house; rather, it has become a gathering spot, a chic bar, and a breakfast nook for the family members. Nowadays, a kitchen is a place where you can spend time with your close ones. Therefore, homeowners are concerned about their kitchen interior design.

As the concept of the traditional kitchen room has changed, the layouts are also different in contemporary kitchens. Cabinets are the first thing that grabs attention when you enter a kitchen. This is the reason why people are more concerned about the designs of their modern kitchen cabinets.

At present, if you go through an interior magazine, it will amaze you with numerous attractive kitchen cabinet designs. With plenty of options out there, it could be difficult to pick the right one. Here are five trendy cabinet styles that are prevailing in modern kitchens that you can choose from.

Latest Cabinet Designs for Modern Kitchens

These five cabinet styles will help you design your dream modern kitchen. Let’s dive into them!

1. Natural Wood Tone

Kitchen cabinets that add a natural touch to the kitchen space are highly sought after these days. Raw wood cabinetry in your kitchen offers a calm and soothing appearance. Anybody would love to prepare food in such a cooking space.

The pure grain pattern and warm vibe of natural wood cabinets help you create a cozy kitchen atmosphere. The neutral earthy tone of these cabinets can soothe your mood and eyes at the end of a busy day. Consider installing natural lights with a yellow tone to enliven the cozy aura of your cooking space.

2. A Splash of Bold Color

You can create a vibrant focal point by introducing bold colors in your cabinetry. Cabinet colors, like royal blue, bright yellow, cherry red, or green, are very popular these days. Consider choosing any of these colors that complement your kitchen color scheme.

You can design the whole cabinetry with bold-colored cabinets that match your desired effect. Many introduce a pop color in a small part or specific sections of their kitchen cabinetry. Before installing, you should have a clear image of the style you want in your kitchen space.

For hardware, there are plenty of material options, like brass or brushed nickel, that will complement the bold shade of your modern kitchen cabinets.

3. Dual-tone Cabinetry

As we have discussed in the previous point, a combination of bold and soft-colored cabinets can create a high-end look in your kitchen. Moreover, when you combine two different shades in your cabinetry, it enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

Consider installing the lighter shade on the top section and the darker shades at the bottom of your kitchen cabinetry. Light reflects well on the lighter shades, and makes your kitchen look spacious. Also, two-toned cabinetry can increase the resale value of your house by attracting buyers’ attention.

Note: White is the most versatile kitchen cabinet color that blends well with all kitchen styles. You can choose white cabinets to pair with any of your favorite bold colors.

4. Glossy Finish Cabinets

The cabinet finish influences the style of your kitchen. For example, a matte finish cabinetry offers a sophisticated and more traditional look. Kitchen cabinets with a glossy finish offer a contemporary and posh appearance.

The shiny, glossy finish of modern kitchen cabinets gives a sleek, polished feel. By installing a reflective cabinet surface, you can add extra oomph to your kitchen space without moving things around.

Nowadays, black or white cabinets with a glossy finish are a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. With regular cleaning and maintenance, these cabinets can steal the show entirely.

5. Industrial Style Cabinetry

In recent days, gray cabinets have become a trendy choice in modern kitchens. Homeowners, especially those who prefer an industrial-style kitchen, mostly embrace gray cabinets.

You can easily design your kitchen in industrial style with just a few steps. Consider pairing steel, brass, or concrete countertops with gray, or charcoal cabinets. Wooden and stainless steel furniture and kitchen appliances will enhance the vibe.

If you have a high ceiling and open space in your kitchen, it will be a plus point for you. Exposed pipes and brick backsplash paired with gray cabinets make a huge statement in your industrial-style kitchen.

Wrap Up

Since cabinets play an important role in your kitchen interior, you can do a little research before finalizing one. Besides selecting the right cabinet shade for your kitchen, it is essential to focus on its quality. Consider reaching a cabinet manufacturing company where you can purchase high-quality kitchen cabinets.

Also, cleaning and maintenance are mandatory to avoid dust and grease on your modern kitchen cabinets. A weekly dusting and wiping enhance your cabinet's durability and keeps your kitchen hygienic.

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