28 Nov

5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Look Forward to in 2024

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As we move into 2024, we see kitchen design trends gravitate towards more neutral colors. Interior designers observe that homeowners increasingly prefer subtler, warmer, and neutral tones for their kitchens and homes.

Here, we bring the top five colors for kitchen cabinets that are going to be a trendsetter in 2024.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Will Set The Trend In 2024 

The classic white kitchen cabinet with various finishes finds its spot right at the top of our list. That is followed by the ever-natural earthy tones of beige and tan, resembling the woods.

Two newer hues, Coastal Sage Blue and Biophilic Greens, find a place on our list of trending cabinet colors for 2024.

And, for the ones who dare to tread the path less trodden, there’s a darker hue with smooth subtle tones with a modern touch. Let’s explore the colors more in detail.

1. The Classic White Kitchen Cabinet

In all its glory, white reigns in the color choices of cabinetries. The warmth and inviting allure created by a white kitchen space can be a defining moment for your visitors.

Since the early 2000s, a white kitchen cabinet has meant creating a brighter and more inviting space. But, going forward in 2024, a white cabinet has a lot more to do.

The trend is that white can surprisingly create that warmth and hugging feel often found in the darker hues. And, designers are busy creating a white space that will reflect a more cascading effect of your unique personality.

With the right combination of more grounding tones, white can pretty well distinguish itself from gray and still be as grand and elite as it has always been.

Thus, the earthy warmth can be found in Butter White whereas some subtle hints of blue and green can be found in Cascade White and Garden Gate White colors.

Along with newer shades of white kitchen cabinets, their accessories also find a subtler tone to create magic inside your kitchen. In 2024, expect an ample amount of chrome used for knobs and handles.

2. Natural Earthy Tones

People are increasingly moving towards imbibing nature, woods, and forests in their homes. Nature has been instrumental in all human creativity, and thus, warm and rich overtones of beige and tan find their way into the kitchen space in all their new avatar.

A brown cabinetry with a little hint of red can make your kitchen come alive with vibrancy. For those who prefer natural design, this shade also offers unique natural timber marks and textural patterns that add to the beauty of the entire space.

Thus, designers think that in 2024, the natural hardwood designs will let your earthy tones shine bright with Cocoa (if you prefer dark tan) and Whiskey, with the comforting warmth of a touch of red.

The affinity of these colors to get accessorized by various designs makes it more attractive. For example, you may pair it with the bold and dangling knobs of the 1970s or the modern minimalistic hardware. It will still make your kitchen look grand and beautiful, not just today but for a long time to come.

3. Coastal Sage Blue

Inspired by the coastal lowlands’ semi-arid Mediterranean climate, coastal sage has white as a primary element. But what makes it interesting is the unique touch of blue that makes it a unique color in itself.

Designers are raving about this color since it allows an ample shade of blue yet keeps the white intact. It lets them explore many options to design the kitchen. For instance, a dual-tone kitchen with alternating white and blue combinations looks marvelous in a kitchen space.

Secondly, if you prefer one of the two colors more (white or blue), you can choose to go with it as the primary color while highlighting the space with the other color.

There is also a great deal of modern accessorization options in it. If done correctly, it can gel pretty well with lighter tan, beige, sage green, and even surprisingly a little dash of red.

4. Biophilic Greens

There is a reason designers are going head over heels with this color. Inspired directly by nature, this green is more than a mere color; it is a design! Thus, a biophilic green kitchen can also feature other colors, making itself as green-looking as possible.

For instance, a brown, coastal blue, or white kitchen cabinet island can also find a place among an emerald green or a sage green kitchen cabinet. How a designer blends extreme diversity and contrasts of these colors and makes the entire kitchen lively with green elements makes it more interesting.

A biophilic green cabinet is often heavily accentuated with hardwood accessories, brownish highlights, etc. And surprisingly, a touch of yellow makes it look like the Fall has arrived inside your kitchen.

5. Daring Darks

In 2024, even the dark hues are embracing a calmer outlook. Designers notice a shift from an all-black shade to a more everyday dark color, like Tamarind, Espresso, and Peppercorn.

For people who have an affinity for dark colors, this gives them ample choice to play around. You can make a statement, make your kitchen look edgy, or even give it a sophisticated or minimalist look.

Many homeowners are also toying with contrasting kitchen elements, with a white kitchen cabinet paired with darker countertops, walls, and backsplashes. Quite rightly, the converse is also true, where a darker shade like the brown or black kitchen cabinet is paired with lighter shades to make it the center of attraction.

The Perfect Color For 2024 and Beyond

Whether you choose a dark color, an earthy tone, or the classic white kitchen cabinet, modern design aesthetics are trodding towards a synchronous blend with subtlety. Designers are pretty sure it will start in 2024, but it is bound to remain a trend beyond that as well.

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