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5 Elegant Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Designs That Will Inspire You

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Kitchens inspire the living atmosphere of a home. Likewise, cabinetry is the central pillar of design aesthetics for any kitchen. A timeless classic design will always stand the test of time when designing a kitchen space. One such timeless design for cabinetry is the shaker kitchen cabinets.

Known for their simplicity, functionality, utility, and easy maintenance, shaker cabinets have some signature styles comprising plain simple lines and broad deep inset panels. As such, shaker cabinets also are among the most enduring cabinet designs. When you invest in a shaker cabinet, you reap the benefits for a long time to come.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Designs

We will introduce and discuss five beautiful shaker cabinet designs that are elegant and inspiring. They can uplift the atmosphere of your kitchen and home to an altogether different realm.

1. Modern Farmhouse

With the farmhouse design and moto back in vogue, many people are considering its possibility. The good news is that a modern farmhouse shaker kitchen cabinet can make your kitchen look rustic, elegant, and inspiring at the same time.

Since a farmhouse kitchen is characterized by uncluttered and unpretentious design, its aesthetics suit best shaker-style cabinetry. Oftentimes, a farmhouse kitchen has huge cooking spaces and accommodations for large meals.

Some modern farmhouse-style kitchens also incorporate an island. Shaker cabinets on the lines of a modern farmhouse kitchen can cater to this need very well due to their functionality and utility. Further, the island has multiple utilities, including meal accommodation. It is perfect for hosting a meal for your guests, family, and friends.

2. Tuxedo Kitchen Style

Tuxedo kitchens get their name from the mealtime apparel wear - Tuxedos, which are often characterized by contrasting dual-tone colors - normally black and white. Traditional Tuxedo style cabinetry wears either dark bottom and light top colors or vice versa. However, modern Tuxedo cabinets explore various additional colors and their different shades.

A shaker-style modern Tuxedo kitchen theme can be a little liberal with color choices to mean that mealtimes are fun too. The very concept of Tuxedo kitchens gives it a hint of elegance, grace, and poise. The introduction of various dual-tone shades like blue and white, charcoal and black, white and coffee, and so on, gives the kitchen space an engaging twist.

3. Monochrome

While each color in the Tuxedo dual tones has equal weightage, a monochrome, on the other hand, has a single dominating color theme. However, the best monochrome outlines are when small proportions of its exact contrasting color are applied. Thus, for instance, a white monochrome with black and contrasting color outline for your shaker kitchen cabinets will look stunningly attractive, captivating the mood and awe of any visitor.

The simplicity of the shaker cabinets combined with the monochromatic kitchen creates a welcoming atmosphere. This kitchen space imbibes a neutral look that is both classic and trendy at the same time. However, it is hard to accomplish a perfect neutral monochrome theme for kitchens, but if you manage to seal it, it will be worth the effort for a long time to come.

4. Open Kitchen Designs

In modern times, open-style kitchens have done some fabulous jobs for homeowners. An open-style kitchen layout refrains from walls or barriers separating it from the dining area or living room. The design blends the complete kitchen area with the dining and living room.

Due to its design purposes, the best open kitchen style is achieved with shaker kitchen cabinets. A shaker cabinet can be fully functional, even in crowds. Further, a shaker cabinet within an open kitchen design can bring out elegance and style in the kitchen in smaller spaces too.

Open kitchen spaces look best with neat and light colors and panels and columns, which is why shaker cabinetry can be the best fit.

5. Coastal and Nautical Styles

Coastal designs are reminiscent of the beaches, sandy shores, oceanic pebbles, seashells, corals, reefs, and coastal greenery. However, nautical styles replicate the mariner’s life on the high seas.

Although oceans and seas are a common theme among both the styles, a primary difference is that the coastal style will incorporate more coarse white and hints of light greens in their central color theme. On the contrary, in the case of the nautical style, the green colors are replaced by a range of blue shades - from light blue to deep navy blue and royal blue.

Both coastal and nautical kitchen styles get their best cabinetry system from shaker kitchen cabinets. The broad and deep panels in a shaker-style cabinet often recreate the life and environment of a ship's deck. A shaker-style cabinet's straight columns and framework are best accessorized by brass and metal handles.

Wrap Up

Due to their simple functions, vast usability, and sensible design style, shaker kitchen cabinets have become a favorite amongst modern-day homeowners and designers. They are uniquely lavish in their elegant way, inspiring many homeowners to embrace and live what they had aspired for a long time.

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