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10 Modern White Kitchen Ideas to Look for in 2020

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A clean, white, and fresh look never cease to accentuate your kitchen’s interior.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, it is highly unlikely to make a wrong decision with the white color. A white kitchen is a timeless addition to your entire décor, which always radiates more light, a bright look, and an aesthetically soothing aura.

However, although the color white has the power to uplift the look of your kitchen, it is not enough to just paint the walls white. You need to strike a chord between various textures and colors along with kitchen elements, like shaker kitchen cabinets, countertop, etc.

In the following section, we have compiled a list of modern white kitchen ideas. Read on see some of the best white cabinet styles for your kitchen.

Top 10 Modern White Kitchen Ideas

There’s no doubt in the fact that a white kitchen and RTA cabinets can form the perfect base for your kitchen’s interior. You can add some plants, a pinch of gold, and or a simple black countertop for a different yet appealing look. Below we have discussed some of these ideas. Read on:

1. Airy and Light

The simplest way to design your modern white kitchen is to use a white and timber combination. This can include white cabinets, timber doors, and white wall tiles. Or you can choose timber RTAcabinets paired with white tiles, flooring, and countertop.

2. Sophisticated

Another way is to sophisticatedly turn around your white choices. Here’s an example:

Use white cabinets, steel fittings, and accessories paired with textured white tiles and marble countertop. The flooring can also be white, similar to the countertop. This would give a nice, clean, and refreshing look to your modern white kitchen.

3. Stone Look

The stone look is always best paired with white cabinets. So, if you utilize shaker kitchen cabinets, which are white, and pair it with everything white stone-like look, then your kitchen would look mesmerizing. This means using marble countertop, marble flooring, and stone-looking back tiles.

4. Monochrome

Black and white appeals to a lot of homeowners. It is the best combination that is unlikely to go wrong. In fact, it helps you move ahead of the ordinary kitchen interior.

You can set your monochrome modern white kitchen in two ways:

Firstly, you have white cabinets paired with black countertop and black fittings. Too much black would reduce lighting and make your kitchen look smaller. So, add white flooring and white back tiles.

Secondly, you can keep the lower RTA cabinets black, and rest everything white, such as textured back tiles, white knobs, etc. You can also pair it with timber upper cabinets.

5. Grey Shade

Similar to monochrome, grey is also amazing. It looks much more sophisticated than monochrome, but a little less bold. So, you can keep your modern white kitchen in these two shades. For example, grey cabinets and white countertop, tiles, and flooring. Here, glossy back tiles can accentuate the look.

6. Brass Touch

Brass touch can literally light up any dull space. If you just add a brass lamp to your living room or kitchen, it can drastically enhance the look.

You can use brass in the form of brass windows and lamps. You can also add copper stools and upper cabinets for the same effect.

7. White Countertop

One thing that can make your modern white kitchen look extremely beautiful is the attention to detail. This includes adding a white countertop that really improves the look. A lot of people add a white countertop but making it complement your cabinets can improve the interior a lot.

For example, marble countertop, wooden flooring, white cabinets, and copper knobs.

8. Wood Shelves

The color of wood and timber automatically adds a sense of warmth to your kitchen. So, you can also use either upper or lower timber cabinets. If you are using timber or wood for the upper cabinet and RTA cabinets for the lower cabinets, then you can keep upper cabinets as open shelves. This can also be a bar wood shelf.

9. White Tiles

Basic, old-school white tiles are also great. Earlier, we had small white tiles that used to go with everything. These tiles still complement your kitchen. Use white RTA cabinets, black countertop, and white tiles for a perfect contrast.

10. Light and Bright

Another amazing way to install shaker kitchen cabinets in a modern white kitchen is to keep everything white but add colorful chairs to your dining table. This will add life to your kitchen.


If you are redesigning your kitchen or re-structuring it, modern white kitchen themes are the best option. Simply take inspiration from the above examples and choose a versatile approach for remodeling your kitchen. There’s no shortage of options that you can choose from, such as monochrome, black cabinets, etc. Just remember to check the kitchen size, your budget, and lighting in your kitchen to ensure that you are moving in the right direction.

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